Carpet Skimming

Carpet Skimming

Is a great way to clean carpet tiles inexpensively, see the video below to see how its done.

Carpet skimming

Breathe new life into your carpet tiles with an effective carpet skimming solution. So how does it work. The method that is used in the video explores the idea of using a buffing pad attached to a buffing machine. While you are probably aware about how a buffing machine works, most people will not have seen or realised that this method is an economical and effective way to clean carpets. This solution uses less water and fewer processes and lowers the cost. The alternative is to use an extraction machine,a good solution but this machine will take probably three times as long. Carpet tiles have only a thin pile, this results in retention of ingrained dirt within the fibre as the fibre is so thin.

The process in more detail

The  pad is moistened with a solution of detergent and warm water, the action of the machine, ideally on a low speed will shampoo the tile and release stains and dirt ingrained into the fibres. The buffing pad is frequently changes during the operation, every five minutes or so. Also it needs to be tested to ensure it has retained some moisture, as we don’t want the friction to burn the tile. This leaves the surface of the carpet tile fresher and cleaner. It is however not a miracle cure for a tired and worn out tile. My recommendation would be for a frequent clean to newish tiles.

Traditional woolen carpets work fine using the extraction method. But a carpet skimming solution is a clear winner for office carpet tiles.

These guys give a brief demonstration

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