Doctors Surgery Audit

Doctors Surgery Audits.

Auditing Medical Practices, why Audit and what is involved?

Doctor and dental surgeries need to comply with regulations. A bespoke cleaning plan tailored to the individual practice. Obviously it needs to be well thought out and organized. There are many other considerations such as the use of disposable mops and colour coded cloths. Cleaning products with disinfectant properties are best. Good housekeeping standards are maintained with a system of Checklists comprising of around 15-20 tick boxes.

The right staff

The most important element is the choice of experienced cleaning staff. So what makes a good cleaning operative, and why does it matter. Well here at SHL we have a list of values that we use in the interviewing process when hiring. We hire people with these characteristics and place them through our induction process. Why, because this ensures we have hired trained and are ready to allow them to experience commercial cleaning in the workplace. A buddy system is used, sharing best practice and the staff know they have a friend in the company from day one.


All areas need a sanitized clean, bins emptied and tasks to be carried out and monitored, Doctors surgery audits and a detailed daily cleaning checklists need to be completed. The cleaning staff will ensure infection and dust control is managed through following good working practices. In addition solid routines are the bedrock of good cleaning practice. On site hazardous waste will require careful attention to dispose of safely.

What frequency are audits carried out?

Monthly is ideal, cost effective and gives the cleaning staff time to improve practices. Audit using a traffic light system is best practice. However should problems flag up, remedial training can be offered as required. A trained supervisor or manager should perform regular checks to pick up issues that may arise. Practice managers consultations reveal overall satisfaction with cleaning processes and routines. It is important the medical practice adheres to stringent requirements.

Specialist Deep Cleans

Occasionally a very thorough clean of the medical premises may be required. Detailed cleaning is a painstaking task that requires many hours of concentration and effort. A cleaning certificate upon completion is issued. Although this service is not available free, unlike other services promoted on this site, it remains a valuable service not offered by all cleaning companies.

Inspection Report

CQC Article

Below is a link to a guide that makes interesting reading.

SHL Cleaning Services prefer the use ecological products to help reduce pouring unnecessary chemicals down  sinks, drains and toilets. See the link below for more details