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Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies

Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies are rare? Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies Do you comply? How many local eco friendly cleaning companies are using chemicals that conform to TRECOS or similar standards?. Well I suspect this figure to be quite low overall. Is this important, I would say yes because TRECO or any worthwhile accreditation […]

Office Deep Cleaning West Midlands

Office Deep Cleaning A free Deep Clean Office Deep Cleaning is included free for new clients. So why not treat your offices to a free spruce up with this fabulous offer. Why bother you may well ask, well because this sets a high standard of cleanliness and improves the workspace for employees and visitors. Many […]

Who Cleans the Office Fridge?

Who cleans the Office Fridge? A clean office fridge This is what they often look like before we clean them out! We can even wash the cups and dishes, clean your carpets, deep clean your premises and clean your workstations. The Office Fridge How many times do you go to your office fridge and ask […]

Carpet Skimming

Carpet Skimming Is a great way to clean carpet tiles inexpensively, see the video below to see how its done.  Carpet skimming Breathe new life into your carpet tiles with an effective carpet skimming solution. So how does it work. The method that is used in the video explores the idea of using a […]

Doctors Surgery Audit

Doctors Surgery Audits. Auditing Medical Practices, why Audit and what is involved? Doctor and dental surgeries need to comply with regulations. A bespoke cleaning plan tailored to the individual practice. Obviously it needs to be well thought out and organized. There are many other considerations such as the use of disposable mops and colour coded […]

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Warehouse Floor Cleaning, summed up is hard manual work and effort. Because it does require extra manual effort to get a great result.  But it helps clients save money without the need to hire expensive machinery. In this example the remit was for a complete clean to the  floor  prior to a […]