Who Cleans the Office Fridge?

Who cleans the Office Fridge?
A clean office fridge

Clean Fridge - SHL Cleaning Services

This is what they often look like before we clean them out!

We can even wash the cups and dishes, clean your carpets, deep clean your premises and clean your workstations.

The Office Fridge

How many times do you go to your office fridge and ask the question, who is responsible for this situation?  Well that’s not unusual, but the solution is easy. Let SHL clean your office fridge each week and remove all the nasties for you. Our process ensures that there are no surprises lurking around the fridge door and you can be assured that all out of date marmalades, jams and yoghurt pots are dispensed with finally. The fridge is a harbor for many bacteria requiring weekly cleaning with an anti bac cleaning product and a colour coded microfiber cloth.

What else can we do for you? Clean the entire premises and even throw in an initial deep clean for free, for starters. Just give us the go-ahead for regular office or premises cleaning business and sit back. You can even keep your existing cleaner as we can TUPE them across so they automatically become an employee. Problems with your existing cleaner, don’t worry we have a track record of resolving difficult issues. We always take the side of our client and have a relentless focus on customer service.


How did the Office Fridge become so mistreated


Free deep clean

Yes as well as taking care of your fridge, we will clean your entire workspace for free. Want to know more? Click on the links below



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