Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies

Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies are rare?

Ecofriendly Cleaning Companies

Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies

Do you comply?

How many local eco friendly cleaning companies are using chemicals that conform to TRECOS or similar standards?. Well I suspect this figure to be quite low overall. Is this important, I would say yes because TRECO or any worthwhile accreditation is based on evaluation of the ecological factors.

Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Companies work with businesses to reduce their ecological footprint. How, by reducing the amount of harmful chemicals poured down drains, sinks and toilets. The good news is when comparing to using a standard cleaning product the cost is similar.

So what factors are considered when evaluating a product? The impact on the environment is calculated based on 10 factors:

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Playing  your Part

In essence, as the world moves to a more eco friendly society it is important that we all play our part in ensuring that we recycle more. You are probably already doing this at home. We recycle our spray bottles, this saves 5000 bottles per year. So its clear we can make a difference if we all play our part. Another example of what we are committed to achieving is the phasing out of bleach in the workplace. I know some of our clients love this product, but is it safe and good for the environment?Ecofriendly Cleaning Companies

Well I wont share the make up of this product, and I agree it can knock out many germs and viruses.  Ecofriendly Cleaning Companies such as SHL work hard to decrease their reliance on bleach and reduce the amount of chemicals we pour down toilets by 1,000s of litre’s per year. Once again demonstrating we can reduce our impact upon the environment. If our clients prefer to use it, then that is fine, it is not something we insist upon. It is only a recommendation. As a Local Eco Friendly Cleaning Company we support any improvement to the environment.

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